We have a long history in serving Christ here on the hill. Our beginning is traced back to 1802. Check out our history here. More detailed history can be found here.

Our beliefs

We are part of World Communion of Reformed Churches, The Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the Presbytery of Niagara. Our faith is expressed in various confessions. You can read about our faith by clicking here.


As a church we have many different worship services. Public worship consists of divine worship on Sundays and Wednesdays as well as weddings, funerals, etc. Also information concerning ways of becoming members etc. are listed below.

Before the pandemic restrictions came in, we used to have three worship services. Early Sunday Morning Service was at 8:30 am, followed by regular Sunday Service at 10:30 am. The third one was on Wednesdays afternoon. We currently offer one service on Sunday along with our online worship services.

Sunday Service
You can go to our online worship by clicking here.

10:30 am Sunday Service
The format of this worship is semi-formal. We use many different order of worship. Hymns, some old and some new, are sung and prayers are given in ways that bring us in God's presence. Under the pandemic restrictions worship is led by the minister of Word and Sacraments. This worship service joins us to all those Christians who have worshipped before us and all those who are yet to come. You will experience what it means to worship in reverence and in joyful spirit.

The worship service is about an hour long. The minister preaches on subject matters that are current yet arising from the Bible. The sermon is about 15 minutes long. Offering is received after the sermon.

If you are seeking a service of worship that centres on God, if you are seeking to enjoy God in reverence, if you are searching for the calmness of the Holy Spirit's presence, this service will help you worship with deep sense of holiness. Come and see how you may enjoy God's peace and be filled with God's Word of love and compassion.

As part of The Presbyterian Church in Canada we support international mission staff. Find what these mission staff members are doing here and support with prayer and donations. Donations can be made through Sunday offerings by indicating how much you wish it to go to the internal ministries.