Wednesday Meditation (Acts 2:42)

(The disciples) devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Jesus left the room for good. Jesus is no longer with the disciples each day. After the ascension, Jesus stopped reappearing. Matthew’s Gospel ends nicely with the great commission to go and preach the good news of Jesus to the end of the world. John’s Gospel, too, has a nice tidy ending as Jesus tells Peter to tend the sheep. In Luke, Jesus ascended, leaving the disciples alone.

After following Jesus and staying with him for so long, what would the disciples do? They have not yet received the Holy Spirit. This is the time before the Pentecost. It became obvious that the disciples were not ready for the death and resurrection of Jesus. They thought that arriving at Jerusalem would bring a mighty change for the whole people of Israel. Instead, they saw Jesus die on the cross. Then, to their surprise, the resurrection and ascension came.

Something very organic happened after Jesus once again left them. They were still in fear. Yet, instead of dispersing, they were together. They did not return to Galilee right away it seems. This is the confusing part. In the Gospel Matthew disciples were told to go to Galilee. In John’s Gospel, we see Jesus meeting them in Galilee. In Luke, we discover that the disciples were still in the Jerusalem area. They were still fearful of the Jews. They gathered behind the doors.

They might have been in fear, but they were staying together with a purpose. The apostles and other disciples were learning and carrying on with fellowship. We are told that the breaking of bread and praying were important parts of this gathering. Learning was important, obviously. Sharing in communion was the key to them staying together as well. Both the learning and sharing became the very basis of the life of those who followed Jesus.

We are often confused about what Christian life ought to be. With all the changes around, we try to figure out how to be Christians and be a church of Jesus Christ. This passage from the Book of Acts points us to a possible way. For many of us, the life of devout learning or learning about God’s grace and mercy and living in fellowship are part of our heritage. It is important to remember that after 2000 years, we continue this life of learning and sharing.

Spring Potluck Dinner

Last Friday, we came together to share in the Spring Potluck Dinner. There were all kinds of interesting food. Some we knew well. Some others we only hear about. Some were delicious. Some, we got to try for the first time. Some cleared our sinuses very well. Most of those foods that were brought were cleaned up pretty good. It is certainly safe to say that everyone enjoyed all kinds of food that we had. When immigrant churches meet together, after worship, they have more than simple refreshments. They have meals together. Some of us remember a Korean church that met at our building over twenty years ago. If you recall, they used to have worship in the afternoon and ended their gathering with supper. Of course, we have many churches of different races gathering in our church buildings across the country. Most of them have worship services on Sunday afternoons because they cannot meet on Sunday mornings since they do not own their own buildings. But this limitation gives them an opportunity to have Sunday suppers together.

When we travel across North America, we get to experience many different immigrant groups worshipping. Many of them were able to build or buy their own buildings to call churches. It is fascinating to see that even when they own buildings and are able to have their Sunday morning worship services, they gather to share meals after the service. These meals bind them together as a community. This sharing gives them a sense of community and belonging that you do not get anywhere else.

Of course, breaking bread together helps them share more than food. It is an occasion of sharing life as we live. We are fed together in ways that we are strengthened and are prepared to face the troubles of the world. This is why we try so hard to have people participating in these simple activities of community and spirit building.

This is a very natural and common way a community is established in a new area. Like minded or familiar people come together and form a living community by getting to share and know each other. The best way, of course, we found is by sharing food. There is something very fundamental as well as spiritual about our willingness to share food with one another. Sharing food willingly and freely is a way of saying that we care for one another’s well being in ways that no other human way can express. To sit at the same table and pass food to one another is the most powerful way to be loving neighbours.

Sunday, April 30

This coming Sunday, we are giving God thanks for God’s peace (shalom) that we enjoy. To praise God and meditate on God’s peace, we are holding the worship service in the church hall. We will sing songs about peace. We will share stories that will help us understand peace. We will rejoice together in God’s peace as we glorify and enjoy God.

Rob Whitelock’s group will come and help us worship. They have been practicing together and are very excited about being part of the worship. Please come. Bring your family and friends. Let’s truly thank God and rejoice in God’s peace.

Sunday, May 7

As usual, we are going to celebrate with everyone who has a birthday in May. It is our hope that you will come and join us for this worship service and refreshments.

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14

We will be celebrating Mother’s Day Sunday with lunch. Soup and Sandwiches will be on the menu. If you would like to invite your mom, feel free. Treat your mother on our account on Sunday.

Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays

We will be re-starting the Cinnamon Bun Tuesdays on Tuesday (of course) May 23 at 10 am. Please mark your calendars. Let others know. Come and join us.